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It is easy to start your practice:

Step 1

Choose Stikhiia sport hall with the most convenient location and contact the instructor. We will arrange comfortable facilities for you introduction with Wing Chun. You can check a list of sections and instructors through this link.

Step 2

Take your first class for free! Come to a sport hall in any convenient time, evaluate your abilities (возможности), get acquainted with an instructor of our school.

Step 3

After the class come to the instructor and ask all question that you have! We will advice you how to achieve great results in Wing Chun in the shortest period of time.

Step 4

If you bought a membership, but decided to quit during the first two classes (after one week) – we will return you money back! We want you do only those things that are joyful for you.

Reasons for beginning practicing Wing Chun:


Wing Chun practice will improve your physical and emotional well-being, relieve from chronic tiredness, stresses and pains in back and joints. Regular practicing will release excessive muscle tension and make your body more flexible and active. You will straiten your back posture and strengthen muscles holding the spine. Wing Chun practice improves metabolic processes and serves as a prophylactic measure against a variety of sicknesses.

Stay Young

Wing Chun translates as Eternal Spring. This is a condition of soul and body youngness: positive approach of the world, intension to comprehend and to study, enjoying every day of your life. Wing Chun practice will reemerge your curiosity to life and its beauties, remove fears and mental blocks, and provide enough might to materialize your old dreams!


Stikhiia Wing Chun is an effective and practical self-defense system. Due to its consistency and laconic nature, the system can be studied very quickly. The gained knowledge will help you to be attentive and to recognize dangerous situations. Straightforward technics and mastered skills will give an ability to save life and health for you and your loved ones


The studying is organized according to the principle of moving from simple to complicated exercises. Studying a variety of simple elements and combing them into one complex, you will start to understand that every complicated issue is nothing else but a combination of elementary parts. Moreover, you study how to use preserve you powers and how to employ a range of possibilities for achievement of a goal. Success will become a natural cause of things, problems will turn into goals, and losses into experience, which is necessary to succeed.

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